Residential Lease Qualifying Criteria

We are delighted you are interested in leasing one of our properties.  In order to help you in making your decision, we have listed below the criteria for qualifying as a resident with us.

  • A separate rental application must be completed, dated and signed by each applicant and all co-applicants that are 18 years of age or older. (The fee is $50.00 per applicant)
  • Applications must be complete with all necessary paperwork and application fees paid before it is considered a valid application and processing started.
  • Each applicant must provide the following:
    a.) Copy of driver’s license or government photo identification if yo don’t have a driver’s license.
    b.) Proof of employment and verifiable monthly income. Rent may be no more than 28% of total monthly income of applicants.  In some circumstances, a guarantor may co-sign on the lease
    c.) 5 years of verifiable residency indicating no outstanding debt to any previous landlord.
  • Completed applications will be reviewed to ensure we have all the correct information necessary to determine your eligibility.
  • If pet(s) are permitted by the owner, a pet deposit is required. Aggressive breed of dogs (including Pit Bull, Rottweller, Doberman or any other questionable dog breeds) are not permitted.  Damage to the home as well as to the yard is a deductible expense.
  • This application includes a credit history evaluation (we don’t use credit scores), a rental history verification, and employment/income verification and a criminal background check ON ALL APPLICANTS.
  • Causes for rejection:

    • Eviction by a previous landlord
    • Outstanding debt or unpaid charges to a previous landlord
    • Excessive late rent payments in the last 2 years
    • Any felony for a violent crime
    • Registered as a sex offender
    • Any nonviolent felony less than 5 years old
    • Insufficient income or unprovable income
    • Excessive delinquent credit accounts
    • Excessive unpaid utility bills
    • The inability to have all utilities put in one of the tenant’s names
    • Bankruptcy within the last 2 years that has not been discharged or dismissed
    • Falsification of the rental application

We make all properties available to all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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