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H erman Boswell Property Management was founded by Herman Boswell, an icon of real estate in Arlington. His skill and acumen in the industry combined with dedication, hard work, honesty, ethics, and surrounding himself with like associates, created a thriving business and a sterling reputation. Mr. Boswell has long been a man with vision and forethought who has carried that vision in his work for over 37 years.

Property Management Herman began his career as a broker in 1964. Through the years Mr. Boswell built up his sales force and at one time Mr. Boswell’s real estate empire had five offices in Arlington. By 1984 Herman had many investors who were in need of a full property management company to professionally manage their properties. Thus was birthed the Herman Boswell Property Management division of his companies.

How Many Clients Depend on our Property Management Services

Today, the company has a portfolio of over 700 properties across the Metroplex with most of the properties in the Arlington area. Some of the accomplishments of property management come about with well-established guidelines for successful leasing. This reflects in a very low eviction rate per month, combined with a small percentage vacancy rate per month. Many people with Arlington rent homes have had the satisfaction to contract with us to lease their properties for them.

The success of a company lies not only with the head of that company, but also with those who serve. Given all the tools needed to do a job well combined with the talents and abilities of property managers, the company can boast of a job well done. This is well noted in property manager’s ability to develop working relationships with owners as well as tenants. As agents for the owners we must relay to the tenants the expectations of the owners and then make sure that this is carried out through every day living.

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