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Charlotte has been in the Real Estate industry for over 37 years.  Originally she was in the restaurant industry and by personal suggestion from one of her long term customers; she got into property management.  It has been her niche’ ever since.

She truly enjoys being directly involved with property owner’s investments, and the over-all success of both Tenants and Owner experiences.

A few words from Charlotte Anderson

“I am a licensed broker working under another broker.  I have been employed with Herman Boswell Property Management for 16 years.  It has been my pleasure to know and work for Herman Boswell.  Herman was a man of vision, integrity, knowledge and wit.  Hands down there was no one like him.  He has been sorely missed.  His son Jerry Boswell has brought a lot to the table.  He shared his dad’s vision in this company and has continued the legacy.

Where else can you find a home grown company that has stood the course, in which has been successful all these years; like Herman Boswell Property Management has?  This portion of the company started in 1974 and is on target as much today, as when it was first started.  We stay abreast on all changes in law, economy and current market trends.”


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Tel: (817) 548-0940

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Years of Experience:

Real Estate Agent / Property Management – 37 Years
Licensed Real Estate Broker – 17 Years


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